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Burrow Hill Cider Stoke Red Fine Cider   6 x 750ml

Burrow Hill Cider Stoke Red Fine Cider 6 x 750ml


On the nose: Big, fulsome nose for a traditional method. Rich, ripe, juicy fare. Loads of blood orange and ginger and clove and baked apple – the Stoke Red character is really shining. There’s some woody leatheriness in here too; I can certainly see the shared DNA with their Kingston Black. Loads going on. Mousse is initially very lively – open carefully! – but its aggression is very quickly reduced.

In the mouth: Yes, it’s dry – bone dry – but so full-bodied is the fruit and so creamy the mousse that it never once seems austere. More blood orange and dried apple and more of that woody spiciness, though the leathery touch found on the nose isn’t here. The acidity keeps things fresh without being at all cheek-puckering. The tannins towards the end are absolutely lovely – ripe and velvety with just the right amount of grip. Another traditional method from the Bollhayes school and a splendid advert for dry cider.”


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